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How to Stay on Top of the Jewellery Trends For 2021

How to Stay on Top of the Jewellery Trends For 2021

Be The Trendsetter You Are With These New Jewellery Trends For 2021

If your new year resolution is to stay on top of the jewellery trends for 2021 and leave 2020 in the dust, it’s time to give your jewellery box the update it deserves.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 saw many of us shift to working from home and quarantining in sweatpants and cozy clothes, so our jewellery didn’t get its rightful time to shine. In 2021, we’re going to see some major trends come out in the jewellery world to compensate. We’ll get more into detail on each one below, but to sum it all up, this year is all about showcasing your individuality and bold personality with both classic and updated pieces.

Here is everything you need to know to stay on top of the jewellery trends for 2021 and discover what’s new to stay ahead of the game.



A white gold necklace by Kate Danielle with a diamond cluster pendant

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold jewellery has always been classic and timeless. For a while, silver jewellery had its moment in the spotlight, but over the last few years jewellery trendsetters have opted for the classic, timeless look of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Whether it’s a gorgeous white gold statement necklace or a subtle yellow gold ring, this precious metal won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Take a look at the new arrivals in our Kate Danielle Gold Collection to find the perfect piece for your 2021 look. Find classic favourites like the 10k gold everyday hinged hoop, be bold with the solid gold curb link anklet, or go for a luxe vibe with the diamond cluster pendant.



Keep up with the colourful jewellery trends with the Kate Danielle large emerald cut green topaz ring

Big, Bold Pops of Colour

There’s no better way to let your individuality shine than through colourful pieces of jewellery. This year, we’re going to be seeing a lot of colourful styles come out, and you can never go wrong with a little vibrant pop to complete any look. Whether it’s office chic or ballroom sophistication, there’s always a little room for some bright shades in your life. Go for a playful, colourful pendant or a classic gem in a bold shape – the choice is always yours. With this trend on the rise, there will be no shortage of options to show off your unique style to the world.

Choose something bold, like our Kate Danielle large emerald cut green topaz ring, or the peridot oval set in east west bezel in 14k yellow gold. From playful pink to eye-catching citrine, our Kate Danielle Gem Collection has a variety of options to match your personality.



Shop 2021 jewellery trends with the Kate Danielle baroque pearl bracelet

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Another classic jewellery staple that never goes out of style, pearls are still a go-to choice into 2021. However, this year’s hottest pearls have a bit of a twist – now, it’s all about more unique styles instead of the traditional perfect spheres our grandmothers passed down to us. Baroque pearls are having their moment in the spotlight this year, with irregular shapes and mix-and-match designs to set the bar for any look.

Our Kate Danielle baroque pearl bracelet is a popular choice for a soft, modern take on this classic staple. To combine trends, the Kate Danielle lavender pearl pendant adds a pop of soft, subtle colour. The large safety pin pearl earrings also add a stylish, on-trend flare that go from daytime to nighttime with ease.



Try the chain link trend with the paper clip chain earrings by Kate Danielle


Chunky Chain Links

Chain links have been spotted in the fashion world recently, and were a big presence on the end of 2020 New York Fashion Week runway shows. This was an unexpected player in the game when chain link accessories gained popularity within the last year, and it’s become much more prominent within jewellery trends in 2021. One of the best features of the chain link trend is that you can choose from a range of options that match your own style, whether you choose big chunky statement pieces or smaller, subtle links.

To create your own version of this bold look, try the Kate Danielle paper clip chain earrings in 14k yellow gold or the bold paper clip chain bracelet for a piece that will set you apart wherever you go.



Jump on the pendant necklace trend with the onyx and diamond pendant from Kate Danielle

Pendant Necklaces and Charms

When it comes to letting your personality shine through your wardrobe, pendant necklaces and charms are the ultimate way to customize without missing a beat. Every year, pendant necklaces make their way on the fashion runways in some shape or form, and this year it’s all about versatile pieces you can wear alone or layered.

The Kate Danielle onyx and diamond pendant or vertical diamond bar pendant give you a sparkly, classic look that will get you noticed in all the right ways. Alternately, you could opt for a bold vibe and make a statement with the Kate Danielle lock pendant necklace. The Kate Danielle diamond initial charms are a perfect option for customizing your look in style. Choose from any letter of the alphabet to pick something that will be a winning combination of sentimental, personal, and trendy.



Mini star cluster stud earrings from Kate Danielle Toronto

Your Star-Studded Moment to Shine

One of the most out-of-this-world jewellery trends in 2021 is the comeback of star-shaped pieces. Stars are always sparkly, so even on days when you’re not feeling as bold, you can pop some star studs into your ears and keep that flare going on a more subtle level. Whether you choose star-shaped studs like the ones in our collection or something a little larger, you can show everyone the star you really are with this fun trend.

Add a little bit of that celestial magic with the Kate Danielle mini star cluster studs or mini star and moon studs from our signature earring collection. With these studs, you’ll get the perfect amount of bold personality coupled with sparkly charm.



Geometric style hoops in the hexagonal hoop earrings by Kate Danielle

A New Twist on Classic Hoops

Hoops tend to come and go with each year, but they always resurface with updated takes. New and innovative ways to wear your hoops allow you to express your own personality wherever you go. Textured hoops are a big on-the-rise jewellery trend in 2021, as are geometric shaped hoops. These unique shapes help you stay expressive and give your own take on accessorizing, so you can follow this trend while making it look effortless.

Kate Danielle hexagonal hoops add a bit of a geometrical twist to traditional hoops, giving you a subtle- yet stylish- edge. Combine two of 2021’s best jewellery trends with the Kate Danielle pearl huggies in 14k yellow gold for a classic statement, or go for some texture with the twisted hoops in 14k yellow gold.



Stud earrings made from lab grown diamonds by Kate Danielle jewellery

Lab Grown Diamonds

They don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for nothing. This timeless jewellery trend is staying strong well into 2021, and will likely always be on the top of the list year after year. However, in recent years, lab grown diamonds have been rising to the top as more people embrace the eco-friendly, cruelty-free benefits of this option. Lab grown diamonds are virtually the same as natural diamonds with all of the same properties, but they’re grown in a lab instead of mined. They are less expensive, cut down on the supply chain which is better for the environment, and don’t contribute to violent conflict in areas where diamonds are mined. What could feel better than that?

Kate Danielle lab grown diamond studs feature stunning 0.30ct + 0.29ct lab grown diamonds that reflect radiance and sparkle wherever you go.


Discover What’s New With Kate Danielle

At Kate Danielle, we add new pieces to our collection regularly to keep you on board with the newest jewellery trends in 2021, as well as with classic, affordable, and timeless pieces that never go out of style. Browse our website to check out what’s new and trending and fall in love with your next luxurious piece. We can also create custom fine jewellery pieces to suit your unique needs. To truly say goodbye to 2020, browse our end of year collection for your last chance to grab some discounted items that won’t be coming back in 2021.